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Our cancellation policy

Our cancellation policy: 
Up to 48 hours before arrival day: 10 € fee 
48 hours on the day of arrival: 100% of the amount of the first night. 
All cancellations must reach the hotel from the beach or by fax or e date of receipt of the fax or e-mail will be the date for the cancellation. 
You may cancel your reservation with an amount of € 10 fee only until 48 hours before arrival. 
48h agree as follows: 
For stays in D-Day, the cancellation full rate fees are due after February 00 J-H. 
After this time, the first night will be charged. 
If a deposit has been taken, they will be kept for the costs incurred. 
If the amount of such deposit is higher, a check will be returned within 15 days. 
If the stay is shortened, it will be charged the price of one night as compensation for any interruption of residence not reported to the 24-hour reception in advance. 
Force majeure 
The term force majeure any event beyond the parties' character is both unpredictable and insurmountable that prevents the client, in the termination of the journey, to perform all or part of the obligations under the contract. 
It will be particularly true in the field of hotel workers strike, insurrection, riot and any prohibition enacted by Government or Public Authorities. 
It is expressly agreed that the force majeure suspends, for the parties carrying out their mutual obligations.
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